This page has been developed to provide information on natural living turf compared to synthetic grass.

More and more often there are community groups, residents, sporting groups, local government and planners looking for information.

Ensuring we have a strong sustainable future is everyone's responsibility and we can all make a difference for future generations by making the right decisions - the natural way!

Below are a number of documents, articles and images to assist in the decision making process.

Turf Australia will continue to update this information as new resources are available.

Benefits of natural living turf:

Natural Turf is the key to cooling our cities

The difference between natural and synthetic fact sheet

Bushfire protection of natural turf

Living turf is a natural sponge for carbon dioxide

Breathe easy with natural turf

Click here for more reasons why to go natural

Improving useage on sportsfield with compost


Impacts and concerns of synthetic surfaces:

Plastic not so fantastic: concerns raised over artificial W-League pitch

Hazadous chemicals in synthetic turf materials

Thermal imaging of natural vs synthetic

Australian players add voice to turf protests

Mitigation of Urban Heat Island Effect

Synthetic surface heat study

Carbon black nanoparticles in artificial turf

Cool schools project

New research reveals the hidden danger of sweltering heat at Western Sydney schools

Sports Turf Alternatives Assessment: Cost Analysis

Environmental and Health Impacts of Artificial Turf

Synthetic or natural turf sportsfield construction cost comparison (USD)

Legal action launched on lead in artificial turf

Why artificial turf may truly be bad for kids

Scarlets dub Glasgow pitch 'shocking' and 'very bad'

Parents push for warnings on playground surfaces synthetic turf in extreme heat

Threat to wildlife

Does playing on artificial turf pose a health risk for your child?

Three Dangers of artificial turf

The Dangers That Artificial Turf May Pose To Football Players' Brains

Artificial turf and cancer risks

Urban Heat mapping - Climate change

Natural grass and Artificial turf - separating the myths and facts

Sports physician exposes bias in independent studies of artificial turf..

Threat of toxic playgrounds

Higher rates of injury on synthetic turf compared to natural turf