Living Turf as Erosion Control

AS 5181:2017  - Australian Standard

Use and installation of turf as an erosion, nutrient and sediment control measure.

Scientific research and trials have confirmed that turf is an effective erosion, nutrient and sediment control measure, [see items (1) and (2) in the Bibliography] especially in construction and building situations and in other forms of development and land use (e.g. agricultural uses, mining). Turf can provide a number of social and environmental benefits in built environments [see item (3) in the Bibliography].



Erosion Control - Turf Research and Demonstration Facility

The turf industry levy-funded project, TU12022 Erosion control - Turf research and demonstration facility, built awareness of the use of natural turfgrass for erosion control from 2012. The large-scale demonstration facility successfully engaged policy and decision-makers from federal, state and local governments, and has also provided hands-on education on erosion control to members of the local government, construction, landscaping and mining sectors.

After the initial two years of operating the site (under project TU10025), the project was redesigned to further enhance the effectiveness and benefits of the demonstration facility. In addition to the regular on-site demonstration workshops, interstate visits were promoted to increase attendance to the site,and demonstration and training materials were developed for dissemination to those who could not attend the facility.

Study undertaken by Shane Holborn, BioScience Australia Pty Ltd


As a result of the above projects, a variety of material was produced:

Training Videos

Video 1 - Introductory video

Video 2 - Coir logs



Video 3 - Turf strips

Video 4 - Fully turfed plot



Video 5 - Bare earth

Video 6 - Silt bags



Video 7 - Hydro mulch

Video 8 - Channel demonstration



Fact Sheets


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Turbidity demonstrations at the Erosion

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