Health and Wellness

Research has proven the benefits of green space, particularly turf, as vital to mental health and reducing recovery time after medical procedures.

Get the grass between your toes and earth or ground yourself for relief of chronic pain, fatigue and other ailments.

Gardening is therapeutic and a healthy past time.

Studies have shown reductions in crime and safer areas by increasing green space in communities.

Plants including turf will lower blood pressure, reduce muscle tension, improve attention, reduce anger.

Employees with a view of lawns have less stress, fewer headaches, increased work productivity.

A place for recreation and encouraging activity.


Protects our Environment

Turf is a natural product protecting our environment.

Cools the environment - 30 degrees cooler than asphalt and synthetic grass, 14 degrees cooler than bare soil.

Bushfire retardant - Australian research study confirmed that living turf a natural bushfire-resilient retardant. Read more

Turf is natures air conditioning. Homes with good lawns will be cooler and require less use of air conditioners.

Over the lifetime of turf, it sequests carbon to have an even better than neutral carbon impact!

Absorbs carbon dioxide into plant matter and assist the soil in forming organic matter.

Traps dust, dirt and smoke released into the atmosphere keeping air cleaner

Reduces pollution and runoff to avoid flooding.

Assists in absorbing noise and noise pollution in urban areas.


Choose Natural Not Plastic

Synthetic grass can be up to 30 degrees hotter than natural turf. Increasing use of air conditioners to cool homes and buildings. The heat build up can also be dangerous to kids feet and pets paws.

Synthetic grass is more expensive than natural turf.

Synthetic contains toxic chemicals and rubber that can be leached into our soil.

In the event of fire, many synthetic grasses are made from polypropylene or polyethylene, the smoke from which is considered incredibly toxic.

Rubber infill used in sythetic grass can break down and end up in our water ways and may need topping up.

Synthetic will end up as landfill only to continue to be toxic and likely to never breakdown.

Playing sports on synthetic can cause more leg and knee injuries to players. 

Synthetic grass is not maintenance free. It needs water to keep it cool and stop it from breaking up in the heat.  It also requires chemicals for cleaning.

Synthetic is not suitable for pets as it doesn't have the natural micro organisms to break down urine and faeces.

It's just not natural...



Family Friendly

A great lawn is the centrepiece of family fun.

Kids and dogs running around the run laughing and exercising, without even knowing it.

Family and friends celebrating special occasions or playing backyard cricket.  Creating memories.

Lawns are safe, soft and cooling.


Save $$

Long term cost savings and cheaper than other ground covers.

Buy direct from a grower and save.

Easy and affordable to maintain.

Natural turf increases the resale value of a property by up to 20% or $110,000. It also increases rental value of a property.

Natural Turf is valued at $6 Billion to a city in Australia including homes, parks, sportsfield and roadside.


Suitable for Everyone

A home lawn is suitable for everyone, no matter how big or small, how old or young.

Maintaining your lawn is something everyone can do and be proud of your piece of green goodness.

Good exercise and great to be outside and enjoying the fresh air and sunlight.

Front yards can be a social area for communities to meet and connect.