Grass Roots Exchange

‘Grass Roots Exchange’

Australia’s New Turf Worker Exchange Program


This exciting new pilot program, facilitated by Turf Australia, will enable turf farms to exchange turf workers across Australia. Turf businesses will be able list their business with Turf Australia if they would like to participate in the program, either as a provider of an exchange worker or host a worker on their farm. Turf Australia will then match the farms with exchange workers.

The ‘Grass Roots Exchange’ program will enable turf workers to work and learn from peers on other turf farms, giving them valuable experiences in various facets of turf farming. The ‘Grass Roots Exchange’ program will enable direct exposure and insight into turf farming, including machinery operation, sales, production, customer service, and/or farm planning.

Participants in the program will not only gain knowledge and enhance their existing skills, they will also bring back valuable first-hand experience from working in another business and be able to share knowledge that benefits the host farm.

Potential participants will be able nominate the type of turf farm and their desired learning focus.

Potential host farms can nominate the desired learning focus(s) available and the most suitable time of year.

To take part in the pilot program, host farms must have appropriate workers compensation insurances and provide an induction process.

The suggested host period is approximately 2 weeks.

Based on the feedback received and success of this pilot program, the opportunity exists for this program to become international.

Watch out for more information on and how to register for the ‘Grass Roots Exchange’ program in coming Turf Australia E-newsletters.

By working together, we can further develop the professionalism and profitability of our industry!

For more information or to list yourself and/or your business as a participent in this program contact:

Rachel Layt, P: 02 4588 5735 M: 0438 883 754 E: