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In 2006, the turf industry voted to implement a compulsory levy. The levy is collected by the Australian Government and then managed by Hort Innovation. It is the responsibility of Hort Innovation to work with industry to invest the levies.

Turf Australia, as the Prescribed Industry Body for the Turf levy, liaises with Hort Innovation, to represent its members, and help determine appropriate and strategic levy investments which include industry development, research and marketing initiatives.

The levy investment ratio is 80% research and development (these funds are then matched by the Government),  20% marketing.

The levy rate is 1.5 cents per square metre of turf. This amount is payable to the Federal Department of Agriculture – Levies by all businesses that grow and sell more than 20,000 square meters of turf in any year.

For more information visit: Dept of Agriculture, Water and Environment


Turf Levy Annual Report 2018-2019

Hort Innovation produce an annual report for each industry levy and the Turf Report for 2018-19 is available on the link below.

Click here for Annual Report


How the Turf Levy is driving the future of your turf industry

Developing more profitable business practices, researching new and more efficient production methods and ensuring the community is aware of the benefits of turf is vital to the ongoing viability of the Australian turf industry.

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