What to ask for

What to ask for?

When you are talking to a turf growers they will ask you a few questions about your area. So try to keep in mind what your areas conditions are, like the amount of direct sunlight per day & the soil type if you know it, and what the main end-use for your new lawn will be. This will help the turf grower to advise you on the best grass variety for you.

Remember that lawn grass is a plant and when it comes to growing plants there's a few basic principles that should be followed: nutrient-rich and free-draining soil; adequate sun; watering; fertilising and weeding.

What should I consider when choosing and preparing for a new lawn?

Ultimately, the preparation that goes into the growing medium for your chosen variety can have the greatest bearing on the long-term performance and appearance of your lawn. So having a good nutrient rich, well draining soil will mean that your lawn will have healthy food available, resulting in a stronger healthy green lawn.

Local knowledge is the key ingredient here. The many Turf Australia members represented throughout the country in both metropolitan and regional centres are the best people to ask for solutions when it comes to preparing and choosing your new lawn. Download or view one of our best care installation guides here.

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