Zoysia japonica

Zoysia is a warm to tropical grass that is native to South East Asia. It’s texture is medium to coarse and has a relatively slow growth rate and can be grown in various soil types ranging from sandy to clay profiles and alkaline and acidic situations. Zoysia japonica produces both rhizomes and stolons.

Factors to consider when choosing Zoysia japonica:
• Drought tolerant
• Wear tolerant
• Tolerant of cooler regions
• Shade tolerant
• Easy to maintain.

Zoysia matrella

Zoysia matrella:
• Rhizomatous and stoloniferous
• Prostrate growth habit
• Thinner leaf width to Zoysia Japonica.
• Low colour retention in cool weather
• Vegetative propagation only
• Good shade tolerance
• Very Slow grower (slower than japonica)