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Luscious Lawn- In summer there is usually an increased number of weeds growing in lawns, stealing moister and potentially taking over turf.

To help reduce their impact, it is best to hand weed as soon as you see weeds come up, fertilise regularly, and keep grass moist with regular watering.

When mowing, let it grow a little taller to protect the grass's root system from the sun, and every so often just take the top off without a catcher so the cut grass acts as mulch.

Remember a good soaking is better than using less water at more regular intervals.

If you want your lawn looking good for an event, fertilise about four weeks beforehand and increase watering frequency.

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Includes costs for: site preparation; underlay; soil; surface preparation; supply; install; and optional finishing.

Data sourced from the Landscape Association of NSW.  Figures based on domestic-type works.  For more accurate and commercial pricing please contact your local Turf Grower.

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