Can you imagine life without a lawn? Where would the children play? What surface would our cricketers play on? Where would we go to escape the hustle and bustle of city life? More importantly, what would happen to our health and to the environment?

Turf plays a critical role in the general health and welfare of Australia and is not only a major source of beauty and comfort in our lives, but also a cleansing answer to our environment.


The 2015 Turf Australia Annual Conference and Field Day will inspire, educate and give turf growers the tools they need to grow and market their product with increased profitability.

Hosted at Novotel Twin Waters resort on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, 26th-28th August 2015, the conference aims to benefit farm businesses and to be family friendly. Click here more information.

Area Calculator

Weighing up your options for what to do with your outdoor area?

Use our cost comparison tool to get an idea of pricing for your home below:

What's The Area?

Surface Low $ High $
Natural turf
Synethic grass
Garden bed plantings

Includes costs for: site preparation; underlay; soil; surface preparation; supply; install; and optional finishing.

Data sourced from the Landscape Association of NSW.  Figures based on domestic-type works.  For more accurate and commercial pricing please contact your local Turf Grower.

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